The Story So Far – Part One

A tale of new neighbours and neglect.

Once upon a time, in 2006, I had a nice, establishing garden, with plants I loved, which happened to be at the bottom of a hill.

Then in 2007 a new neighbour moved into one of the gardens that backs onto mine, removed the trees at the bottom of his garden, built up a concrete patio, added a six foot fence on top of said concrete and covered what little garden was left with a new garage.

The result, because of that hill, was a flood in my garden every time it rained and a bog into which you could sink ankle deep the rest of the time.


The council informed us until he reported the building work as completed they could do nothing – 11 years later he still hasn’t done so.

Husband and I opted to solve the problem by installing drainage, sacrificing a foot at the back of the border in order to do so.

In 2008 I have a newly planted border.


If you want a nice garden don’t become self-employed, which both husband and I did in 2008.

Far too many hours working, establishing businesses means 8 years later most of the plants have either died or been allowed to run wild.


In late 2017 I make a start on sorting out the garden, with the plan to get some shrubs in before winter sets in.

It promptly began raining and even snowing, so no shrubs and very little weeding.

Oct 17 2

April 2018 – it finally stops raining so weeding resumes and husband is tasked with removing the overgrown shrubs.


Lets see how far the garden progresses this time.



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