New Routines

When I began this blog I expected that we would be in for what laughingly counts as summer in this country; i.e. a bit of occasional sunshine and a lot of rain.

It appears however that so far this summer that is not to be the case. As I type we, here in my part of the country, have enjoyed a whole month of sunshine, with very little rain. When this spell of good weather began I just headed outdoors fully expecting that it would rain soon and I’d catch up on the housework then. I also thought I’d be blogging on those days as well.

After a month of near enough constant warm and dry weather with the forecast showing no sign of this pattern breaking I have had to revise the plan.

The garden is making rapid progress, the big weeds are going fast and the little ones that try to replace them are being evicted, often before they have even had an opportunity to stick a leaf above ground.

aquilegia blue


Except for the essentials, such as shopping, cooking and clothes washing little else was being done in the house on a regular basis. Clearly this could not go on so this week each day has run something like this:

  1. Wake-up – lie in bed, plan day.
  2. Breakfast and then do some work that pays the bills.
  3. Do one bit of housework.
  4. Coffee and shower.
  5. Gardening until reminded about lunch.
  6. Lunch
  7. More gardening.
  8. Cooking – if it’s my turn or eat dinner.
  9. More gardening – until I get heavy hints about packing up.
  10. Shower, TV, bed.
  11. Read – fall asleep
  12. Repeat from 1.

Clearly this spell of good weather won’t last, but whilst it does I find I’m diving out of bed keen to get on with my chores so I can get outside.

The bonus of the new routine – because I have done enough housework to keep the house clean – is guilt free gardening and time to admire some of the few plants that currently reside in my garden.


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