Blooming In June

Given that most of my garden is currently covered in nothing more than soil I was pleasantly surprised to find I actually have quite a bit in bloom this month. 
Snowy Mespilus/Juneberry

The newest addition to my garden is the Juneberry tree that we planted last week in the newly developed front border. I picked it for its small size, given its location, and for the variety of interest it should give me throughout the year. I love this shot of the berries, which the birds found from the second day after it was planted. I only hope that, unlike the last tree I planted, this one survives.

In my back garden my long suffering climbing roses have once again come into bloom. As the state of their leaves show they have been seriously neglected since they were planted. Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Falstaff both need a serious hard pruning this year and I really should give them a feed and a good mulching as well. Paul’s Himalayan Musk is currently covered in flowers and doing an excellent job of hiding the horrible concrete slabs my neighbour installed. Poor old Snow Goose is hidden by a clump of stinging nettles that are still waiting for me to remove them

I love Aquilegias and they self-seed like crazy in my garden, a fact I have been extremely grateful for over the last few years as they have always meant I have had some colour in the garden. In fact I love them so much I recently bought two more plants from the garden centre just so they can start self-seeding in my front border. The two blue ones have crossbred over the years but William Guinness is far enough away from them to have remained true. Hopefully I will have William Guinness in the front garden next year, I do love the contrast between the dark and white sections of the petals.

Most of the effort so far has gone into my front garden these four plants are all new additions. I really like Lupin and Delphiniums but they have never reappeared after the first year in my back garden, however that might be down to me not protecting them from slugs so I have decided to give them another go and make an effort to look after them this time. So far I have planted Lupin ‘Masterpiece’ and Lupin ‘Gallery White’, they are both producing buds and fighting off the slugs. If they survive into next year I hope to add to the collection. The first of my Delphiniums have also come into bud, this is the paler of the two, Astolat. Geraniums are one thing that also do well in my garden and Chocolate Candy has almost from the day I planted it looked totally at home and is covered in the most beautiful and delicate pink flowers that stand out so well against the chocolate coloured foliage.

The last flowers in bloom are both inherited from the previous owner, who moved out nearly twenty-two years ago. The rose ‘Lady Hillingdon’ has been welcoming people to this house for well over twenty years now. Although she is also due for another hard chop back this Autumn, she continues to be one of the very few yellow/orange plants I like. The other plant is a shrub I have moved twice since I moved in, but still have no idea what it is, any suggestions are more than welcome.

Link to Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens (here), to find a host of June blooms from around the world.


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