Not Quite Weeding

Yesterday I was sat quietly enjoying some micro-weeding in my back border surrounded by the wonderful smell coming from my rose Paul’s Himalayan Musk, it really must be strong as I can’t usually smell roses.

PHM fri
Paul’s Himalayan Musk

This shrub is just covered in blooms at the moment and its perfume can be smelt across the garden, every time I go to the garage or greenhouse.

I also looked up and just above my head were some of the most perfect Tess of the D’Urbervilles blooms ever.

Tess fri3
Tess Of The D’Urbervilles
Tess fri1
Tess Of The D’Urbervilles

Weeding was temporarily stopped so I could capture them before the wind and rain destroyed the near perfect blooms.

Tess fri2
Tess Of The D’Urbervilles

Whilst photographing Paul’s Himalayan Musk I also spotted another self-seeded aquilegia I didn’t know I had.

aquilegia purple fri
Aquilegia – Unknown

For those who wonder micro-weeding is my term for when I weed compared to when my husband weeds. Husband’s idea of weeding (macro-weeding) is stick the spade in, turn the ground over and pull out anything big and obvious until he gets bored and moves on. Mine is to work my way across the border a row at a time turning each patch of soil over with my trowel several times until I am convinced that each weed or bit of root has been removed. Micro-weeding is what I am currently doing to my back border in the hope that over the summer I will remove most of the weeds that have taken root over the previous few years. They are currently being removed just as they let their leaves appear above ground or even before they get to push above ground. Since April I have weeded the border twice and I’m now on my third go and they are slowly declining in number. The hard part is resisting putting plants in the border. I keep reminding myself Autumn is the best time to plant shrubs.

I hope it works and my patience is rewarded with a virtually weed-free border by the end of summer.


3 thoughts on “Not Quite Weeding

  1. I was told that turning the soil exposed more weed seeds to the sun, creating more. (??) I do not enjoy weeding at all, so use leaf mulch over most of my beds to keep them down. What does pop up is easy to pull.
    Your roses are so beautiful, I wish I could smell them!

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    1. If it does them I’m removing them so they aren’t going on to create their own seeds. Once I have plants in the beds then they will be mulched over as it also helps improve my heavy clay soil.

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