Resistance is Futile

I love planting up pots and containers, it is a throwback to when I lived in Germany.

I first got into gardening when I lived in a flat in Germany when, like the locals, I made sure my balcony was decorated all summer with pots of Geraniums and Fuchsias. When I returned home, after my husband’s death, I was gifted a hanging basket full of Lobellia which meant that every evening I had something to do once the children were in bed. I happily stood for an hour or more watching the planes coming in to land at the RAF base I was temporarily living at whilst I dead-headed those flowers. Later that summer when I moved to Yorkshire that pot of flowers was one of the first things to be given a home, although by then it only had a few more weeks of flowering left.

My home in Yorkshire was rented and had a very large garden, with two large rose beds and so I developed a passion for roses. A passion which has been re-awakened by Ali with her blog The Mindful Gardener which contains some of the most wonderful images and photos of roses you will come across.

When my (current) husband and I did the hard landscaping for this garden one of the things I insisted on was extra large and deep steps from the patio to the lawn, just so I could fill them with pots. Between then and now I also bought two very large pots planning on putting some standard roses in them, thankfully for the roses this never happened.

As I am in the process of revitalising my garden and there are so many big jobs to do I promised myself that I would not plant up any pots this year, as there were so many other areas of the garden I needed to work on.


I recently had a birthday and at a recent trip to the garden centre to get rubble sacks, vermiculite and a new watering can I got distracted. I mean it would be rude not to wander around and look at what was currently in stock, especially as I needed something to plant alongside the Dahlia I was given as a present from my son.

I was very good, picking one Hebe to plant alongside the Dahlia and honestly I was on my way out when I spotted some standard roses. I looked, not intending to buy, and then I saw one I really liked and as they were on offer, £29.99 each or 2 for £40, it seemed daft not to look for another to go with it. After all I do have two pots to fill.

I guess it was inevitable …………

But on the other hand one of the roses is effectively a gift from my father-in law, and it will be nice to be able to show him a photo next time I visit him so he can see what he got me. He has dementia, so we will be able to show him the photo every week, each time he will think it is the first time he has seen it and get a lot of pleasure from knowing what he got me.

In the mean time I’m trying hard not to look at the other steps and think what could go there to compliment the roses.




12 thoughts on “Resistance is Futile

    1. They are Powewr Gold and Sweet Dream not david austin but I can only get them via mail order and I don’t fancy ordering any plants to be delivbered in this heat. You had me confused with blue door, it’s the fence.


  1. I think we will all have done this on a trip to the garden centre at one time or another. It is so easy to be tempted. I often think how much better some run down places would look if only they had a pot or two of flowers outside their house. My Gentle Hermione rose is absolutely beautiful this year and the scent is heavenly.


    1. Outside the front of the house is another matter altogether, it has hooks and nails in place for hanging baskets and two permanent stones posts in place and more steps with room for more pots.

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    1. I’m holding of on shrub roses until we do the other side of the garden next year then i suspect I will be going OTT on the David Austin site when I place my order. Although i may well order another bare-rooted rambler for the back of the garden this year.


  2. Very pretty! Who can resist beautiful roses? And they grow so well over there. Ali truly is an inspiration and makes me want to go buy roses too, but mine haven’t been doing well and by now, they are very picked over. So . . . I resist and just enjoy Ali’s roses.

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  3. I’m glad that I’ve found you – thanks for the link. Blogger and WordPress are not making it easy for any of us to comment on the other side at the moment 🙂 It’s been a hard summer for establishing and/or maintaining containers but you certainly couldn’t pass on that offer! They are both fabulous roses and the photos you intend to take should give your father-in-law great pleasure.

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