Sometimes Real Life Gets in the Way

Anyone with aging relatives will know how one simple phone call can send your life spinning out of control. Husband and I currently have two of his relatives in care homes and are semi-regular visitors to the local hospitals.

Last week one phone call saying his aunt’s home had to shut due to an electrical fault sent all plans spinning out of control. Firstly finding out how long it would be shut for took a while and then once we had established that plans had to be set into motion to move her belongings, inform the relevant people and of course visit her to make sure she is OK. It did of course also have to close on the day she had a parcel of clothes coming, which the staff were going to try on to establish what size she is now.  More phone calls to get the parcel in the correct place and then to get the staff at the new home to try them on and get the right information to me.

The new home is much more pro-active than the previous one and so Monday saw them planning on applying for a Deprivation of Liberty for her, which meant time talking to a paralegal to establish what  it was, research on the internet and letter writing to ensure Social Services don’t try and exclude us from the process. We have had many a battle with Social Services over the last few years and have found that once they know you know the law and won’t let them interpret it the way that is cheapest for them they tend to back down. It also helps if you make it clear you are prepared to do the donkey work so the over-worked Social Worker knows they are reducing their workload.

Anyway a week later and things are moved, new items purchased for the room, new clothes ordered, letters written, posted, emailed etc, etc and we can start to settle back into something that resembles our normal routine, although the battle with dear old Social Services will no doubt drag on. I know they are caught between a rock and a hard place, but sadly for them our only interests are our relatives needs and we don’t accept ‘because it’s policy’, although I think by now they know that and probably dread having to deal with us.

Now where did I leave my trowel.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Real Life Gets in the Way

  1. My DH’s mum had to go into a home. It was a lovely place and she lived there for 5 years but it was hard work making sure she had the right clothes and dealing with bits and pieces.
    We do DOLS at work – we are always in the throws of having battles with the Local Authority and Social Services!
    It is good that you are working on your Aunts behalf otherwise she no doubt wouldn’t have a say.

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